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Welcome to the Simonetti Basses website. I am Ray Simonetti and I specialize in electric bass
guitars. I offer not only a standard design line with custom options to personalize your bass to your
tastes but also offer full custom shop services to build any instrument you can dream of. Simonetti
Basses feature a proprietary bridge system and passive pickups that give a unique aesthetic and a
voice outside the standard industry offerings. I do all phases of construction from wood selection to
setup by myself in a small but efficient shop space. Only the finest materials are selected and each
bass has its own unique personality as they are all hand crafted individually. Held to high
standards for quality craftsmanship, comfortable playability and tonal flexibility Simonetti Basses
are meant for those who demand as much of their instrument as they do of themselves to obtain
their full potential as an artist and musician. Feel free to browse the site and if you have any
questions you can contact either me or my sales rep Jason Beard.

Ray Simonetti: Luthier/ Sales                                                                               Jason Beard: Sales                                                           
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